The Brumby Chair Historical Catalogues

1912-13 Brumby Chair Company Catalog - 38th Annual

At this time the Brumby Chair Company produces over 170 products and has not yet introduced the famed Brumby® Jumbo Rocker. The turnings on the No. 9 and No. 130 Mammoth Oak Rockers are the most defined of all the Brumby Chair Company products and many of which are incorporated into the Brumby® Jumbo Rocker a few years later.

Brumby Rocker Brochures 1912-13 Catalog

1914 Brumby Chair Company Catalog - 39th Annual

The predecessors to the classic Brumby® Jumbo rocker are the No. 9 and No. 130 Mammoth Oak Rocker located on page forty six of the 1914 catalogue. At the time, these rockers sold for $33.00 a dozen. Within the next ten years, these two products were modified to create what becomes the most popular of all The Brumby Chair Company products - the Brumby® Jumbo Rocker.

Brumby Rocker Brochures 1914 Catalog (full)

1922 Brumby Chair Company Catalog - 47th Annual

The Brumby® Jumbo Rocker, found on page 24 and still produced today by The Brumby Chair Company, was first introduced a few years before the 1922 catalogue and is one of 95 products sold. Over the next decade, The Brumby® Jumbo Rocker will become the trademark product for the company.

Brumby Rocker Brochures 1922 Catalog

1930 Brumby Chair Company Catalog - 55th Annual

On the heels of the Great Depression, the 1930 catalog featured over 100 products with the No. 130 Brumby® Jumbo broadly featured on page twenty five. Referred to as "The Chair with a Reputation", the Jumbo design has clearly established a stronghold in the marketplace and become the most notable Brumby Chair Company product.

Brumby Rocker Brochures 1930 Catalog

1938 Brumby Chair Company Catalog - 63rd Annual

As the country recovers from the Great Depression, The Brumby Chair Company is producing close to 100 individual pieces of furniture. The No. 130 Brumby® Jumbo is the top selling product and the only Brumby Chair Company product featured on its own page. Having weathered climate changes on broad verandas of southern plantations for years, Brumby® Jumbo rockers are now known to as, "The rocker with a life time wear reputation".

Brumby Rocker Brochures 1938 Catalog

1941 Brumby Chair Company Catalog - 66th Annual

The 1941 catalog is dedicated to the hard working and loyal staff that kept The Brumby Chair Company thriving during a very difficult decade. Now having grown to 350 employees, many of whom are related, The Brumby Chair Company is one of the largest employers in Marietta. With the company now producing over 130 types of products and selling over 200,000 pieces of furniture a year, the No. 130 Brumby® Jumbo Rocker is still the most popular product and has taken center stage in the catalogue as the first item featured.

Brumby Rocker Brochures 1941 Catalog