Founded in 1875 in Marietta, Georgia, the Brumby Chair Company is the exclusive handcrafter of the famous Brumby Rocker - an authentically American, yet distinctively Southern, collector's item. When the Brumby family designed its first rocking chair shortly after the Civil War, little did the founders know that more than a century later their rocking chairs would be known worldwide. All Brumby rockers are lovingly and expertly hand crafted exclusively from the finest Appalachian Red Oak as they have been for generations. Brumby rockers are famous for their elegance, durability and heirloom quality adding charm and comfort to any setting. The Brumby Rocker is available in four sizes: The classic Jumbo, the midsized Lady, the two-person Courting Rocker and the adorable Baby Brumby. Full history.