How to clean your outdoor Brumby Rocker

Rocking chairs are some of the most beloved and sentimental pieces of furniture in your home. They are often times handed down from generations past and were used to rock sleeping children to bed or where you parents sat telling stories of their childhood. And of course, let’s not forget rocking on a southern porch in the summertime while your children are playing in the yard discussing what they’ll be when they grow up.

What makes a rocking chair so special is more than the soothing rocking motion, it’s so much more than that. It’s the family memories and experiences created by being surrounded by love and laughter or even just having a quiet moment rocking your newborn to sleep. As a result, you want to keep your Brumby Rocker in good condition from year to year and season to passing season so one day it can welcome in the next generation of your family.

As time goes on, outdoor conditions take its toll on rocking chairs and they will need to be cleaned and/or refurbished. While harsh conditions could require re-sanding and re-caning your Brumby Rocker, today I’m just going to focus on cleaning dirt and stains off your rocker to bring back that just purchased shine.

So to get started, here is what you’ll need:

  • Sheet or tarp to put under the rocker
  • Clean cloth/rag
  • Mild detergent like 409 or Fantastic
  • Boilded Lindseed Oil (found at all major hardware stores)

Let’s get started:

  1. Lay a clean sheet or plastic down in a dry place like a garage or porch that’s covered.
  2. First you need to check your chair to make sure there are no signs of mold. Areas of high humidity and moisture breed mold which is the enemy of a wooden rocking chair. We first recommend wiping down your rocker with some mild detergents before rushing to refinishers if you suspect mold.
  3. Mix two parts 409 with one part water (or Fantastic and you can even try half soap & half water mixture) and wipe down your rocking chair with a clean rag. It is safe to wipe down the wood and the caned seats and back. You can scrub down your rocker as needed w/out taking off the finish of the wood until dirt and debris is removed and let the rocker air dry thoroughly (overnight).
  4. If your caned has dulled and needs a new gloss protective coating, you can apply boiled lindseed oil liberally with a brush. Wipe off any excess boiled lindseed oil and make sure none is sitting on the wooden frame of the rocking chair. Let dry on the cane overnight and then reapply a second coat the following day and again let dry overnight.
    1. You can also substitute boilded lindseed Oil for tung oil. However, if applying tung oil, you must sand the cane after letting it dry between all coats and drying time can typically take longer than using boiled lindseed Oil.

If you’re going to store you porch rockers inside during the winter months, a dry garage or attic is best. You can also spry your rocker with a half vinegar/half water spritz to help guard against mold while your store them away. The better you care for your Brumby Rocker, the less likely you’ll have to bring back to The Brumby Chair Company for serious repair work. Brumby Rockers last a lifetime and we work with clients who have had Brumby Rocker family heirlooms for over 100 years and we love being part of their traditions through the years.

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